What if NFT data can’t be found? Don’t worry. the atomic NFT will help you!

Many NFTs are stored in some ways that are fragile or even can be destroyed. If the NFT contract points to a centralized server or even IPFS, buying the NFT may give you an “error”.

Arweave solves the problems of NFT storage, metadata permanence and even smart contracts. But it was not until recently that people focused on this issue. As we begin to see the better integration of major NFT markets such as OpenSea and Arweave and the technology of connecting Arweave casting NFT to other chains, the future looks bright for artists who need a truly decentralized NFT casting method. Steep learning curve.

Koii Network, the creator of the new attention economy, released a set of atomic NFT standards. The standard and peripheral technologies such as Finnie will enable creators to cast their NFTs at very low cost and ensure that they exist forever. Let’s have a deeper understanding of what the atom NFT is and how it works.

NFT and atomic NFT

NFT has traditionally been created by writing custom smart contracts and linking the generated token to the asset URL. Whether it’s a one-time NFT or an algorithm-generated collection, the workload of writing smart contracts is as much (or more) as it sounds. In addition, the URL linked to NFT assets is full of centralization and reliability problems. NFT OG and one of the most valuable CryptoPunks in the world recently experienced a crash and processed 404 of the centralized resources pointed by all punk NFT.

To get more reliable, cheaper and less time-consuming methods, check the atom NFT. Atomic NFT is a single Arweave transaction, including: 1 asset file 2 meta data file 3 intelligent contract. This makes all content never tamper with and lasts forever, so collectors don’t have to worry about disconnecting the NFT links they have for five years, and artists don’t have to worry about continuing to pay for their central storage solutions.

Investigate the atomic NFT standard.

The Koii atomic NFT object is stored in the state of the SmartWeave contract. Each NFT has an owner, title, artist’s name, description and other metadata to enable the surrounding code to perform its functions.

Koii provides three SmartWeave contract templates, each of which is designed for different purposes:

Standard NFT, similar to the content uploaded and deployed for each new Koi.rocks or Finnie Wallet;

An ERC-1155 bridge compatibility contract can transfer NFT to the Ethereum main network;

Dynamic NFT contract for deploying NFTs based on specific conditions;

A new document site shares the txid of each contract for inspection and use.

Koii has prepared an example function to facilitate the transfer of NFT to the new owner. This makes it possible to develop a market application linked to this function to buy and sell atomic NFT

Koii is built on static NFT and also supports dynamic NFT. Because SmartWeave contracts are as programmable as traditional Ethereum smart contracts, any complex art can be creative in the process of interacting with art.

Use Koii and Arweave to create atom NFT.

Koii provides several cheap and permanent methods for casting atom NFT.

The first way is through koi. Rocks, which is a focused list that can earn KOII every time you look at NFT.

Another way is to use Finnie wallets — Koii browser extensions similar to AR Connect or MetaMask. Finnie stores all uploaded content in a library and will soon provide the ability to connect NFT bridges to other links.

The third method is the most technical but also the most controlled way — using the Koii prefabricated SmartWeave contract. Contracts and examples about how to use them can be found on the site. One of the best things about this method is that bridging functions have been provided; NFT using the Koii ERC-1155 contract can be used in OpenSea and Rarib. Le and other popular markets go on sale.

Trade atomic NFT.

Except for NFT cast with Koii’s custom ERC-1155 contract, the purchase and sale of atomic NFTs is not fully supported — but its function is very close to publication.

Finnie will enable NFT uploaded through browser extensions, bridging Ethereum, Polkadot, Tezos, Binance and Avalanche. There is currently a purchase button on koi. Rocks, which will use Verto’s new NFT market, but the integration has not yet been completed.

Verto also works closely with Koii to allow the listing of any atom NFT, which will provide great possibilities for creators to monetize their works.

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