BT.Finance (BT) listing world premiere on Bibox, with an increase of more than 11 times in the shocking market

Bibox listed BT.Finance (BT) globally on January 27, 2021, and simultaneously opened the grid trading function. After the project was launched, the highest increase was more than 1100%, which has attracted widespread attention from the industry. BT.Finance is the 75th DeFi project launched by Bibox. As one of the first mainstream trading platforms in the industry to deploy DeFi track. Bibox will select more popular DeFi projects for users.

In addition to the BT/ETH trading pair, Bibox also held a deposit and trading event to share 800 BT at the same time, allowing users to enjoy double profit opportunities.

Bibox has a strict token listing mechanism and applies AI technology to project screening and preliminary review. Many trading platforms are still based on manual review. The problem of manual screening of items is that there are errors and unfairness, and there is a great possibility of cheating. The combination with AI technology can avoid the above problems. The Bibox trading platform uses data analysis and capture, in-depth learning and training, to distinguish the true and false data of the project. While ensuring fairness, it can also increase the risk sensitivity of the system, thereby Judging the quality of the project greatly saves the cost of manual review and reduces the risk of human abuse.

The popular DeFi projects selected by Bibox for users include balancer (BAL) with a rise of more than 780% on the line. Also, PEARL (pearl), CRT (carrot), YFI, etc rise dozens of times. 2020 is even more known as the “beginning year of DeFi”. However, in many DeFi projects, how did Bibox discover BT and complete its world premiere? Let us take a look.

First of all, BT. Finance is a smart DeFi yield aggregator based on the Ethereum ecosystem. BT token is the governance token of BT. Finance. 20% of its yield farming income is used to buy back BT. The total supply is 270,000, using competitive distribution, no pre-mining, no pre-sale, fixed coins supply. Secondly, the BT project is initiated by the community and will run with community users. At the same time, BT’s fund managers, development teams, strategic consultants, and economic consultants are all served by a senior person. In terms of security, the BT project is particularly recognized. The BT project has an insurance fund and purchases insurance from DeFi insurance platforms (such as Nexus Mutual and Cover Protocol) outside of the Woodpecker security audit to support the stability and long-term operation of the project.

Bibox is the world’s first artificial intelligence digital asset trading platform. Since its establishment in 2017, the number of registered users has exceeded 3 million. Its business covers spot trading, margin trading, contract trading, asset custody, quantitative trading, and grid trading (spot grid + Contract grid + unlimited grid) etc. In the future, Bibox will continue to select high-quality projects for millions of users and provide the most secure and stable trading environment.

Bibox is world’s first artificial intelligence cryptocurrency trading platform. With AI, security, stability, transparency and convenience features.