Bibox’s Third Anniversary — Always Here, Protecting your Assets

Everything starts from scratch, and with evolution, turned out to be more perfect. Now it is time to celebrate Bibox’s third anniversary. Bibox, the world’s first AI crypto asset trading platform, which is always striving to make breakthroughs and innovations, is now one of the world’s leading crypto asset trading platforms.


There is a long story behind the idea of building the first AI crypto asset trading platform with the combination of artificial intelligence and blockchain. One day in 2017, Jeffery told his friends who worked in famous companies about this idea. It might be consensus, or love, or adream that brought people from different industries together to form the small start-up team.

However, starting a business is not as simple as imagined…


The northern October is shroud in cold wind. Since most of the capital were invested in product and technology development, Bibox’s founding team had to work in two cold hotel rooms, one for products and one for development. At that time, the Bibox team was formally established.

In order to expand the team, recruitment was put on the table. However, interview could only be conducted in the hotel lobby. Most people would refuse to come once they knew the working office was at hotel rooms. Even those who came would turn down the offer once they saw the adverse working circumstances. As a result, the early founding members had to work in multiple positions and play multiple roles. They learned while doing and keep moving on.

As time went on, the crypto market ushered in a turning point. At the end of 2017, the ecology and scale of the entire market have undergone quantitative changes. More trading platforms, blockchain media, projects, institutions, and investors sprung up. However, Bibox is more ambitious, aiming at bringing qualitative changes to the industry. Bibox determines to create a high-quality, transparent and intelligent one-stop crypto asset management platform.

We never ever forget where we are going, and we will go there with a sincere heart.

Bibox Team doing R&D in Hotel before platform release


In order for Bibox to go online in time, the R&D team had to fight for it day and night. After two months efforts, the product was finally completed as scheduled. Fortunately, the platform already had a lot of fans overseas before it went live, especially in North America and Southeast Asia. Due to the trust of users and the hard work of the team on the product, Bibox has accumulated a certain number of users within a week. A large number of fans helped promote it every day. One week later, Bibox has launched several high-quality projects and has accumulated a certain degree of popularity. At the same time, the launch of the APP is also in the pipeline.

Jeffery also added: “When Bibox was founded, it had made an international layout. In order to better serve users, it has also established sub-stations in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions. Dedicated personnel for operation and management guarantee the safety of user property in 24 hours. Entrepreneurship needs to return to the essence. The team’s quality determines how far and fast the company can go. Fortunately, Bibox has chosen the right ones.“

Built a solid “Red Bull Wall” for overtime working


After laying a firm foundation, the days to come will be the golden period of development. The next thing to do is to continuously improve the quality of product and improve the users’ experience.

In 2018, Bibox established a blockchain application center and a blockchain technology laboratory. Bibox also acquired the decentralized trading platform In 2019, Bibox launched USDT Perpetural Futures, AI documentary strategies, Futures Grid Bots, quantification, asset custody and other services. Bibox has been at the forefront of the diversification of the trading platform. in the same year, Bibox was licensed and launched in Europe, obtained equity investment from the top ten internationally renowned banks in the world by market value, and access to many Swiss banks. Bibox has been recognized worldwide. In 2020, Bibox realized that DEDI will be the key point to detonate the market, so it quickly deployed in the DEFI field. In addition to the rapid launch of 11 potential projects, Bibox has reached a cooperation with MetaMask, an essential wallet for DEFI, to support one-click transfer and deposit, which will give DEFI more circulation support. In November of the same year, Bibox launched coin perpetual futures. Relying on the advantages of high depth, zero slippage, and no cheating, it is supported by community users. All of this is inseparable from Bibox’s business strategy: not deciding what to do, but deciding what not to do. Thus, Bibox abandoned the public chain and the mining machine, but focused on building a trading platform ecology.


It has been three years of hard work to start a business. Bibox has become a time-honored three-year Exchange in a blink of an eye. Although market competition is fierce, Bibox has been recognized by industry professionals for its leading technology, best products, thoughtful service and good reputation. Since its establishment, Bibox has been working hard in compliance and ecological layout. Bibox obtained the Swiss VQF financial license and the Estonian financial license. Bibox established a blockchain technology application center in Hainan and established a blockchain technology joint laboratory with well-known Internet companies to help the implementation and development efforts of blockchain technology in various industries.

Bibox has established operation centers in Asia, North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and other places.

Bibox will never change its original intention and will be on the road in the next three years.

Bibox is world’s first artificial intelligence cryptocurrency trading platform. With AI, security, stability, transparency and convenience features.