Bibox in Focus with Nervos Transcript

Dear Biboxers & Blockchain Enthusiastic!

We had just finished an AMA with Nervos at 15:00 on 26th May(UTC+8). No matter you had a chance to participate or not, we hereby sort a transcript to make sure you can absorb the highlights shared by Alyona, Representative of Nervos. We do hope you can have a clearer picture of this project after you reading it through.

Bibox&Nervos AMA Session

  1. Could you please introduce Nervos to our community in a jargon-free way?

Alyona- Nervos is a layered blockchain network that can do smart contracts, tokens, etc. that we are used to seeing nowadays. It makes the decision to stick with some important principles that have supported the blockchain’s growth, proof of work, a single chain, anyone can run a node, etc.

This means we have to scale using Layer 2 solutions, similar to how BTC will scale, but Nervos can support any kind of computation, so this opens up a lot more possibilities for these solutions

2. Could you please introduce your key team members to us?

Alyona- I suspect this question is more around our founders. The team got its start in China, from a team of founders each with deep roots in the blockchain space, from founding massive Ethereum community EthFans, wallet ImToken, mining pool SparkPool and blockchain software development firm Cryptape. Now the team is almost 100 people, about half of which is engineering and research and the rest operations, marketing, community, product and business development. Many members of the team are on their 2nd or 3rd project in the space, we have a strong blockchain culture and this comes through in the engineering decisions and priorities of the project. You can learn more about our team at Jan, architect of Nervos Network, is the first Chinese Ethereum core team member since 2016.

3. What are the major milestones Nervos has achieved so far & what are in the future pipeline?

Alyona- In the near term there is a focus on creating a world class developer experience and building up Layer 2 protocol support.
This includes research on new smart contract language options and SDKs, currently Rust is the go-to language for creating smart contracts on Nervos. User-defined token standards (similar to ERC20 of ERC721) have been rolled out, light client functionality is underway, which would allow for something as simple as a web page, email client or Raspberry Pi to identify the longest chain and validate particular transactions/information. We’ve also announced our generalized bridge framework called Force Bridge. Alongside Polyjuice, Godwoken and Force Bridge developers will be able to launch their projects on CKB just as they would on Ethereum. There is a large amount of ongoing research and development on payment channels, sidechains and rollup-based scaling solutions. The Muta sidechain framework will allow anyone to launch a blockchain platform and leverage the security of CKB.
Everything listed above is the focus for this year, looking ahead, we can expect a lot more developer activity, hackathons and user-facing products utilizing the tool sets that are being built now. We also expect increased interest from businesses and individuals in operating Layer 2 infrastructure to broaden the network’s capabilities.

4. Many projects look great only on their whitepaper & Roadmap but facing a lot of difficulties when trying to implement the project mission and end with failed. How do Nervos overcome every obstacle in its project development?

Alyona- There’s so many different aspects to this i’m sure you would get different answers from different team members. I can only speak to the community side of things. It’s easy to make assumptions about what each community values and what exactly they are looking for in a blockchain. But that isn’t the best approach, I’ve found that with the help of our Trailblazers we can connect with community leaders that understand the region in a way I cannot. Why is this important? Because instead of making assumptions about what resonates with their people. We can identify new content creators, or community leaders that can provide insight into exactly what they are looking for in CKB.

5. Who is the Nervos platform targeting?

Alyona- Nervos is targeting developers to build projects that are deployed once and able to interact with many other chains. This provides the best experience for users today and the users of tomorrow.

6. Security & User Interface are the most important aspect which users observe on a platform. How has Nervos worked on this? Is Platform suitable for Newbies in the crypto field?

Alyona- Nervos is built for innovation, and the intention is for this innovation to make the blockchain a more welcoming environment for developers and users. We see already in the short time the Nervos Network has been live, we already see these ideas coming to life. Rust support was quickly added, to make developers happy. For the users, the Lay2 team (that built, is working on a native mobile wallet, which will allow any user to create transactions on Nervos with securely create private keys on the smartphone they already have in their pocket.
As Layer 2 comes to life on Nervos, we will see applications with internet-level performance and low, stable fees, which are both extremely important to adoption.

7. Collaborations and partnerships are some of the most important cornerstones to help improve adoption. Could you please tell us about the current partners, plans for partnerships and what everybody stands to gain from these partnerships?

Alyona- We have many partners and ecosystem contributors like our current grant projects, developer teams, investors and venture capitalists. Some of our most high profile partnerships are with China Merchant Bank International, who are an early investor of Nervos and is an integrated financial institution providing comprehensive and professional services. Check out the Innervation Fund aimed at funding projects interested in building on CKB. Learn more about innervation here:

8. Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How does Nervos manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token?

Alyona- CKB can function as a fixed issuance “store of value” token when holders lock their tokens in the DAO. This presents an investment case that is preferable for long term token holders over the alternative. Demand for CKB is driven by adoption of the blockchain (the token is required to store data on the chain), so large holders would get upside from all of the innovation on Nervos driving adoption.

9. Marketing is an essential element of every project, so everyone knows the potential that a project can generate. What is your strategy to attract new users and investors and maintain it in the long term?

Alyona- On the topic again of long-term, arguably more important than the messages of marketing is creating a community of developers and enthusiasts that love Nervos. I think as we continue forth with efforts to decentralize governance and steering of the project, its cultural underpinnings will be able to generate enthusiasm as members of a community take larger roles in driving it forward.

10. Can you briefly outline some of the utilities of the CKB token in respect to its use cases and how beneficial it will be to holders in the long term?

Alyona- Regarding token valuation, much of this leans on the economic model of the network. The token has been engineered to tie adoption to value of the token through scarcity, and thus the focus is ensuring that the network has everything it needs to thrive. Thus we are focused on creating the best possible developer experience and inspiring an engaged community that can push the project forward.

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