Bibox continues to make a multi-party strategic layout and build ecological development steadily.

As we all know, as the promoter of the healthy and rapid development of the blockchain industry, the digital asset trading platform plays a vital role in the form of digital currency. A trading platform characterised by perfection, professionalism, high quality, etc. is the connecter of users, investors and project parties. It needs to not only provide a platform for potential project parties, but also provide users with good trading services and experiences.

Since its establishment four years ago, Bibox trading platform has been adhering to its original aspiration, strictly selecting high-quality and potential projects for users and the industry, providing professional and perfect services, making efforts to help the ecology of the blockchain industry, and committed to making the finances of platform users more free!

For the Bibox trading platform, on the basis of maintaining existing currencies, putting new currencies on the shelves is the first strategy of the exchange. Since September, the Bibox trading platform has launched a total of 11 new currencies (GALA, HPD, SNM, ALD, LORD, DYDX, COCO, LSP, AGLD, GNO, AVAX), through continuous tapping digital asset potential projects, the platform focusses on the industry resource circle, promotes the rapid implementation and healthy development of high-quality projects, and brings high-quality services to tens of thousands of platform users around the world.

Bibox has a strict selection mechanism and implementation standards for the online new currency. In-depth research on the project and the risk control of the project are the fundamental elements. There is a strict currency review mechanism to ensure that the online currency is normal. It is more important to ensure the security of users’ funds. When users conduct transactions, they ensure the transparency and neutrality of the transaction process.

It is understood that the development of trading systems has always been a difficult and challenging task, full of complexity. Based on this, API Booster, a fast development tool launched by Bibox for traders, can greatly reduce the development difficulty of trading systems by using API Booster. And obtain stable and reliable real-time data.

In addition, in order to improve the trading ecology of the Bibox platform, Bibox launched a professional digital asset hosting service — wealth management last year to provide you with idle digital asset appreciation services to meet the different needs of users, which has been well received by platform users.

Fundamentally speaking, meeting the different needs of users is an indispensable part of promoting the development and prosperity of the industry. As an industry basic platform, Bibox will continue to create better tools and experiences to support different user needs in the future, and is committed to becoming the preferred trading platform for global high-quality blockchain projects and users. And keep working hard!

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